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Pygame Skeleton

Pygame Skeleton is a basic framework designed to take some of the work out of building games by providing a template game with all the boilerplate code included.


  • MVC Pattern:  Objects in the game are separated based on the MVC pattern.  There are controllers that spin the CPU and handle input.  A pygame view can be used to draw objects on screen.  The modules are decoupled so it should be simple to add extra views for things such as network and file-logging.

  • State-based Model:  The main model for the game is a finite state machine meaning a seperate state can be defined for things such as menus and the main game play.

  • GUI Classes:  There is a GUI package with a few GUI objects for use within Pygame.  GUI classes created so far include static text, buttons and a text-input box.  The GUI package has its own event manager.

More features will be added to the Pygame Skeleton as they are developed.  Currently I am developing objects as I need them for my games.


The source code for the Pygame Skeleton can be found in this GitHub repository.

It uses Python 2.7 and Pygame.


Documentation for the framework can be found here.
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